Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lion kindness and a few new things

We've had lots of fun new things in our class these last few weeks. See below for some pictures and be sure to ask your child about them!

First, we got to explore magnets at one of our explore tables.

Now that Valentine's Day is approaching, we did a few activities related to Valentine's Day (which often ends up being kindergarteners' favorite holiday of the year). They've been making lots of heart cut-outs for friends and family!

Our school also started an initiative to recognize kindness in our peers. Normally teachers can write "Lion Pride" awards when they notice a student exhibiting behaviors that support community, discipline or leadership. This time, kids can write a Lion Kindness award for a classmate if they notice them doing something kind! It's been a huge hit in our class; the kids are definitely more focused on recognizing and being grateful for acts of kindness. It's also great writing practice! 

We also started Reading Buddies with a third grade class. Every Friday the third graders will come to our classroom to read to a kindergartener! It's a great way to practice reading skills such as fluency and comprehension, and also helps the kindergarteners get to know others in our school community. 

Last but not least, we have a student teacher from the university joining us this semester! Welcome Ms. Savanna, who is sharing a book about herself to the class. She will slowly begin to take over more and more of our lessons as she gets to know our class!

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