Thursday, June 13, 2019

Our last days of kindergarten

Happy summer everyone! Here are some pictures from our last week of kindergarten. It's hard to believe how quickly the year went by. We had a wonderful time, and I'll miss you all! See you when you're in first grade :)

Ms. Woods

Our final morning message that we read together:

We finished up a lot of projects to take home, including our memory books, Weekend News writing books, and our Reading Strategies books. These books are a visual depiction of the reading strategies we learned throughout the year - hold onto these for whenever you're stuck on a word you don't know while you're reading this summer!

We said goodbye to our beloved student teacher, Ms. Savanna, with a thank you book and lots of hugs. We also read lots of books about the end of the year together, including "First Grade Jitters" and "The Last Day of Kindergarten."

We made graduation hats to celebrate our achievement.

And we got our kindergarten diplomas! Plus an ice cream treat donated by one of our parents :)

And of course we gave lots of goodbye hugs!

Here are some pictures of our whole class from a few weeks earlier. Have a great summer and keep exploring!!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Kindergarten picnic and Big Top performance

The second-to-last week brought two exciting events, our kindergarten celebration picnic and the all-school "Big Top" performance, where each grade level or class performs a song for the school. It's our last assembly of the year, and lots of fun to see what each grade has prepared. Our kindergarten classes performed the beloved "Baby Shark" song and did a great job! Thanks to all the families who came to the picnic to help us celebrate all the hard work that our kindergarteners did this year.