Sunday, February 24, 2019

More about pushes & pulls

We finished up our science unit on Pushes & Pulls this week. The kids loved it and were sad that it was over! After investigating the question "What makes things move?" we moved onto to studying how to make things move in certain ways. For example, we studied what happens when you put an object in the way of a moving ball, and what happens when you roll one ball towards another one. Our culminating project was to discuss and map out the best way to move a large ball cart from one end of the school to the other. The kids were really invested in designing a solution to the challenge and used all their knowledge of pushes and pulls to execute a perfect plan!

Investigating how to make balls move in certain ways

Drawing models of what happened

Making our map to answer the question "How can we use pushes and pulls to make a path for the ball cart?"

Executing our plan using the map we designed

Making our own models of the plan

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