Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Our last days of kindergarten

Happy summer everyone! Here are some pictures from our last week of kindergarten. It's hard to believe how quickly the year went by. We had a wonderful time, and I'll miss you all! See you when you're in first grade. :)

We wrote thank you letters to our 4th grade reading buddies, which turned out so sweet!

We also wrote goodbye letters to Ms. Thompson, one of our co-teachers, as well as others in the school that we'll miss.

We visited our Sit Spots in the mini-forest for the last time, and completed our Time Wheels (aka phenology wheels). These turned out so cool! We revisited the same spot in the forest every season and documented the changes we saw.

We also did lots of playing (and fort-building and drum-playing) in the front yard.

Here are a few stop-motion videos the class made in art!

The kids even helped me make sunflower paintings for my wedding. They turned out so great!

We also did summer drawings, and read our last morning message.

On our last day of school, we made graduation hats and got our diplomas!

We also had our End of the Year picnic with all our families, where we sang our first grade song, played in the park, and got our memory books!

Thanks for such a great year!