Saturday, May 17, 2014

Field trip to the nature center

The nature center is my favorite field trip of the year (as you could probably surmise)! The kindergarteners get to see and do all sorts of fun things, like look for bugs in the pond, turn over logs to find worms, hike in the forest, and see a puppet show. We had two excellent naturalists lead our group this year, and the kids had a great time. Here are some highlights:

The naturalists give us a run-down of our morning
Thanks to our parent chaperones for coming along!
One of our naturalists let us race down the path! 
There's nothing more exciting than running outside 
We got to see pond critters called macroinvertebrates!
We learned that some bug larvae can survive in dirtier water, and some can't
We got to see water beetles, snails and mayfly larva
Learning to use a handheld magnifying glass
Turning over logs to look for worms! 

We got to spend a little bit of time in the basswoods, where there were forts!
Attempting to start a fire
Free time in the basswoods! 
Playing tag in the forest
A shelter built by humans!
We also got to see a puppet show starring a chipmunk 

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