Monday, May 26, 2014

Action shots of literacy workstations

Workstations is a very important part of our day in kindergarten, as it's a great time for kids to independently review and practice concepts we've learned throughout the week. In pairs of two, they rotate between various literacy stations, while I meet with small groups for Guided Reading. Guided reading is small group reading instruction. Students read books at their instructional level (not too hard, not too easy) and work on a certain skill that will help them move up to the next reading level. For example, they might work on strategies for figuring out an unknown word such as skipping the word and coming back to it. In my class, guided reading groups are in pairs.

So while I meet with guided reading groups, here's some action shots of what the other students are doing! For more details on what each workstations entails, click here.

Practicing word family words at the Big Book station
Drawing a picture after listening to a story at Listening Station 
Looking for hidden sight words at the ABC station
Listening to a story on BookFlix at the Listening Station
Reading at the Big Book station 
Reading a class book at the Buddy Reading station
Playing ABC games on the laptop
Playing a blends board game at the ABC station

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