Saturday, April 29, 2017

Celebrating Earth Week and the start of spring

Last week was National Environmental Education Week, and also the first week of lovely spring weather! We did lots of reading, talking and observing what's happening outside this time of year. Here are some of the kindergarteners' predictions about what spring will bring:

We also decorated Earth Day bags to be given away at the local grocery store on Earth Day:

We also talked about the importance of wondering, and opened up a Wonder Table where the kids can bring in anything they find that makes them wonder. So far they've brought in fossils, rocks, sticks, photographs from nature walks, and more!

The Wonder Wall is a place where they can post questions they have about how things work:

Then we spent some time reading and talking about ways we can help protect the earth to make it a healthier and cleaner place for us to be. We read a few books, and then made posters about how we can help!

We also decided to take advantage of the nice weather and read outside with our 4th grade reading buddies!

Our school has a Little Free Library in front, so some buddies were curious to see if any good books were inside :)
On Forest Friday, we visited our Sit Spots again, which have changed a lot since the winter! After observing the changes (and getting caught in the rain), we went back inside to add our observations to our Time Wheels. The Time Wheels are also called Phenology Wheels, and each season the kids have added an illustration of their Sit Spots. In the end we'll have four depictions of the Sit Spots, one for each season, which will be a great way to highlight the seasonal changes that occur in nature!

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