Saturday, April 1, 2017

Writing throughout the day

In kindergarten (and all grades), writing is the perfect complement to reading. Learning to write helps students use letter-sound knowledge, letter combinations, and spelling patterns, as well as information from different genres of writing, including fictional stories, letters, and informational writing. I try to provide many authentic writing opportunities for the kids throughout the day, so they can practice their writing skills, and then transfer what they learn to their reading as well. Here are some examples of writing throughout our day!

Last month we had a post office in our classroom, in which students could write letters to friends and then use a special post office bag to deliver them. This was a favorite center to go to throughout the day.

Every morning we start our day with Morning Meeting, which ends with reading the morning message. I often try to include letter and word practice activities in the message, alternated with math practice as well.

I also try to implement writing into science and other activities whenever possible. For example, our new animal tracks exploration table has animal track stamps that the students can use and label, as well as a sheet to record the names of animals whose tracks are hidden around the room.

Last, we became penpals with another kindergarten class! Each student is paired up with someone from the other class, and we hung mailbox pockets in the hallway so the letters can be delivered and received. I am so impressed with how much and how creatively they've been writing!

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