Sunday, November 23, 2014

We are thankful!

Thanksgiving is approaching, so we have been spending time learning about what it means to be thankful. After reading Todd Parr's book The Thankful Book, we drew two things we were thankful for and shared them with each other. Then we put it together into a class book. Check out what we are thankful for!

Owen: trying new foods and saying sorry to my friends
Argjend: my mom and my sister
Amara: firefighters helping us and fire trucks
Blake: my stuffie that has a heart inside, and my stuffie that is orange
Jacob: my whole family and getting food like Indian turkeys
Kira: my family and the earth
Liam: my town and Earth
Erblina: my daddy, my mommy and my toys
Myles: Legos and eating
Trevor: flowers and me
Dustin: my mommy is still alive and my daddy is still alive
Lillian: Millie and my family
Millie: my dog and my brother's lizard
Ava: my family and the Earth
Leo: I'm still close to getting my own phone, and turkey
Ethan: my family and my friends
Grace: my dad and my dad
Alex: me, my family and my pets
Lily: my stuffed animal dog and my dog named Jake
Veronica: turkey and pumpkin pie
Kahlan: my cat and my bed
Aidan: God and my family

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