Sunday, November 2, 2014

Studying trees in the fall

 We have been studying trees this beautiful fall! We learned about the parts of a tree and how they help a tree function, collected leaves for our Wonder Table, and made bark rubbings. We then studied what comes from trees (a lot!), did a few experiments with wood, and made wood sculptures. Plus all the kindergarten classes planted a crabapple tree together! Hopefully it survives the winter, and the kids will be able to watch it grow throughout their time in elementary school! We will continue to study how trees in our community change throughout the seasons.

Recording observations of trees in our schoolyard

The Wonder Table, where we collect items from the world that make us stop to wonder!

Bark rubbings in our science journals

Going on a scavenger hunt throughout the school to find items made of wood

How can we use only rubberbands and paperclips to make a piece of wood sink?

Building our wood sculptures!

Planting our kindergarten crabapple tree

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