Thursday, April 10, 2014

Writers Workshop: "How to" books

We have been working on a new type of writing in our Writers Workshop, and after many weeks and much growth as writers, we finally published new books! This unit focused on writing informational books that teach the reader how to do something, so we called them "How to" books. Throughout the unit, we learned lots of strategies that writers use, such as editing, providing an exciting ending, and studying mentor texts to see what other authors. Here are the results of all our hard work!

How to Train My Puppy 
How to Make Rainbow Slime
How to Make Slime
How to Be Evil
How to Go Out for a Fire Drill
How to Make Chocolate
How to Go Down the Slide
How to Make Ink
How to Play
How to Go to Disney
Shooting Hoops
How to Color
How to Get Ready for Fish
How to Be at the Woods
How to Plant a Flower
How to Wash Your Hands
How to Get Ready for School
How to Play Mario on the Wii
How to Rest
As a special celebration of our publications, we went to another kindergarten class and read them our books!

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