Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Imagination Box and a reading party

We had such a great week this week! Ms. Breuer gave us a pretty awesome gift of an old water-heater box that we turned into an Imagination Box! The kids were ecstatic when it showed up in the classroom. They took turns entering the box and pretending it was anything from a rocket ship to a jungle.

Then on Friday we got to have a reading party! Let me tell you, as a teacher, it doesn't get much better than hearing cheers of joy when I announce "We're going to have a reading party today!" I actually had one kindergartener come up to me and say while giving me a big hug, "I love reading!" During a reading party, I get out a bunch of books from my closet and the kids can choose to read anywhere in the room, with anyone. They were so into it that I lost track of time, and we ended up reading for almost 50 minutes! Here are some action shots:

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  1. I want to be in your class! The only thing better would be if you announced that the classroom was getting a pair of pet sea otters!