Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February dramatic play: the post office!

Each month I set up a new center in the dramatic play area, which allows for creative and imaginative play. So far this year we have had an apple orchard, a farmers market, a card-making factory, and a puppet show. Now we have a post office! I love play centers that also encourage other academic skills, like reading and writing. In our post office, two kids are chosen to be the postpeople. One runs the post office, where kids can come with "money" to buy stamps, envelopes and postcards. After someone writes a letter or postcard, they put it in an envelope and write a name on the front. Then they drop it in the "outgoing mail." The mail carrier picks it up and delivers it to the right person! This is a really popular center. We run out of envelopes fast! If parents ever come across extra envelopes while spring cleaning, we'd love it if you sent them in!

Check out this busy post office work...

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