Saturday, February 15, 2014

100 Days of School!

Can you believe we've already reached our 100th day of school? This year is flying by! I forgot to post pictures from Crazy Hair Day last week, so I'll start with some of those. Each day our whole class works on coming to the rug quickly, quietly and safely, and if they do, they get a marble in the marble jar. Then when the marble jar is filled up, we get to have a celebration! This time we had a Crazy Hair Day celebration. Here are a few of the crazy hair ideas:

And speaking of parties, we also had our 100th Day party this week! It was an all-day affair with lots of activities. Here are a few of the highlights!

We started off with the first graders, who are learning to count by 5s. Since most kindergarteners are 5 years old, they lined up the kindergarteners and counted them until they reached 100. Then we went back to our room to make 100 Day hats. The hats said "I wish I had 100 ____" and the kids go to fill it in. Here are some of their ideas!

We got to wear these hats all day. Then after lunch, we did more 100 Day activities, including drawing the friends we have been with for 100 days, decorating with 100 stickers by filling in 10 boxes of 10 stickers, and measuring to find things in the room that were 100 centimeters. The end of our celebration involved eating a 100-item trail mix and reading books with some parent volunteers. What a great day!

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