Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shapes, shapes and more shapes!

Our math lessons this past month focused on 2D shapes, and we really did a deep dive into them! Here are some of the activities we did to learn about the names and attributes of 2D shapes. (If you want to ask your kindergartener what the "mathematician name" for a diamond is, you could! Hopefully they will answer "rhombus.")

One of our explore tables had this provocation at it, which involved (very carefully) using a thumb tack to poke holes into a shape's outline, and then hold it up to the sun. This was an awesome fine-motor activity and the kids asked to do it repeatedly.

We also used marshmallows and toothpicks to construct shapes, and then counted how many sides (toothpicks) and vertices (marshmallows) we used.

Our math lessons involved a lot of shape games, including this one where you spin the spinner and trace whichever shape you get, then see which shape wins.

For Forest Friday, we worked with partners or a group of three to create shapes out of nature.

We also read lots of shape books, such as The Shape of Things, which takes a simple shape and adds features to turn it into something else. We all did our own version of this process and turned it into a class book!

Then we combined lots of shapes to a bigger object. I loved seeing what they came up with!

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