Sunday, September 24, 2017

The first few weeks of school

We are already on Day 15 of kindergarten! We've had lots of time to explore, try new things, and learn kindergarten routines. The kids have done a great job of learning to work and play cooperatively. Here are some things we've been doing as we start off the year. 

Exploration Tables
During Choice Time and other parts of the day, I leave out "invitations to learn," which are activities or tools for sparking curiosity and hands-on learning. 

Math Tubs
We spent time trying out new math tools, such as pattern blocks and polydrons, which build skills in fine motor coordination, pattern recognition, number sense, and creativity. We end every math lesson with time exploring these math tubs.

Choice Time
We also end each day with Choice Time, in which the kids can pick which area of the room they want to play in. Popular places are Loose Parts, which include play-dough and other hands-on options, as well as Legos and Games. Kids can also choose Art, Science, Reading, and Blocks.

Rockin' In Our School Shoes
We read lots of books on the first few days of school, including Rocking in My School Shoes, which stars Pete the Cat getting ready for his first day at school. Here are some kids drawing themselves rocking in their school shoes:

Readers Workshop
We also kickstarted Readers Workshop last week! This is when I read a book aloud to the class and teach a reading mini-lesson, followed by time for the students to read to themselves from their book boxes. On Fridays, we read with partners as well. It takes a lot of stamina to sit by yourself and read all the books in your book boxes, but we've got it down!

A Few More Moments
Here are a few more random pictures from the last few weeks.

Reading a beloved book from home to the class! 
Demonstrating how to "read the pictures" if you don't know how to read the words yet
Play a math game called "Spill Five Beans"

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