Sunday, May 21, 2017

Our final published books!

We finished up our year of Writers Workshop with a unit on informational writing, or what the kids call All About books. We talked about how authors often choose to write about things they are experts at, and use their own knowledge, as well as books and other sources, to write about the topic. I always love seeing the topics that kids choose to write about, and this year was no exception! Everything from "All About Pokemon" and "All About Cats" to "All About My Imagination." A couple kids even did "mystery" books, which were titled "All About ???" and don't reveal the topic until the last page. We even had a few kids co-write books together. They were so fun to read, and it's amazing to see the progress that each writer has made since the beginning of the year! If you'd like to see the final products, they're up on display in our classroom. We'll also send them home before the end of the year. This was our last official writing unit of the year; we'll spend the rest of the year working on our memory books, and having free writing time.

Working on our books

Each book included a title page...
...and an author page, which included facts about the author, such as their favorite colors or animals
"All About My Imagination"
"I have a big imagination"
"I imagine I'm a boy or a girl"
"My favorite! Dragon wings! Amazing huh!"
"All About Cats"
"My cat likes yarn"
"Cats like to climb"

"Sloths like to hang" 
"To potty train a baby sloth, you will need 1 baby sloth"
"Sloths are brown"
"Sloths like carrots" 
Each book also contained a diagram of the topic, such as this one of a sloth 

"All About Naomi"
"Be a friend to everyone" 
"Help people when they need help"
"Believe in people"
"Be nice"

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