Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wiggling wriggling worms!

We have been writing How To books in our Writers Workshop time. I wanted to model how to learn about something and then write a how-to book about it, so we decided to look up how to make a worm compost! First, we researched what worms actually look, feel and act like. Here are some action shots, as well as the notes we took:

Also, Garden Grandma was visiting, so we got to see worms in the garden too!

Next, onto worm compost making. We read a book and watched a video on the topic. Then we wrote out the steps.

And last, we got to work!

Now we have a compost bin in our classroom that can take food scraps and other compostable materials. The kids love to watch and play with the worms at free choice time, as well as station times, when we have a Science Station. If you have any questions about composting at home, your child may be just the expert to ask!

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