Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nature center field trip

We had our nature center field trip this week! The kids were really looking forward to it, and it lived up to their expectations! Here's what they said when I asked them what their favorite part was:
I liked when I climbed the tree and had an extra boost. - Sofia
I liked the part where I saw where a bear scratched a tree. - Adonis
My favorite part was petting the guinea pig. - Zola
All of the things. - Matthew
Going in the teepee and petting the guinea pig - Drake
I liked where we pet the guinea pig.  - Manuel
Seeing the birds and running on the grass - Hannah
Seeing the stick forts - Gavin
Going in the teepee - Jameson
Going in the teepee - Blenard
The puppet show - Eva
The owl - Fiona
The whole trip! - Hans
The whole thing! - Oscar
The whole thing! - Tate
When we went in the teepee - Janie
And here are some pictures from the trip. We got to look for critters in the pond, go on a hike, look for insects, play in the woods, and see a puppet show!

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