Friday, October 23, 2015

Partner reading

This week we read with partners for the first time! We've been working on increasing our stamina for reading independently ("reading" at this point in kindergarten can mean looking at the pictures, reading the words, or retelling a familiar story that you remember as you turn the pages), and got up to 15 minutes of reading quietly. It was time to introduce partner reading.

In partner reading, the kids are assigned a partner and sit together (we call it "elbow-to-elbow knee-to-knee, or EEKK), and take turns reading books to each other. Partner reading is a great way for kindergarteners to practice fluency (reading smoothly and confidently), using a "storyteller" voice (reading with expression), acting out a story, retelling a story, and sharing reading strategies together. All of these things help increase understanding and engagement in reading. Thus partner reading time is one of my favorite times of day, and the kids love it too! Here are some pictures of the partner readers. Just look how engaged in books they are! I love it.

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