Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun with foods in the fall

We have been studying a different letter of the alphabet every day, and sampling foods that start with that letter! The kids really look forward to our letter study time, and they've been really brave about trying new foods! Here is a list of foods we've eaten, if you'd like to ask your child about any of them, or make them for dinner tonight. :)

On our last day, we did the letter "I" and had chocolate ice cream! Here is a picture of one student enjoying some delicious watermelon on "W" day.

We also started studying what happens in the fall, and we kicked it off with apples! Each student got to use an apple corer to sample some delicious apples.

We also played apple-related math games and read lots of apple emergent readers (simple books with repetitive text, such as the ones in the pictures below). When the kids read these books, I encourage them to point underneath each word as they read, and use the pictures for clues to figure out unknown words. These are emergent reading skills that are vital for beginning readers!

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