Sunday, March 29, 2015

Math lately

We have been delving into lots of new concepts in math this trimester! Here are some pictures of what we are studying below. 

We are continuing to study teen numbers, emphasizing that all teen numbers (the numbers 11-19) are one ten plus some more ones (for example, 12 is 10 + 2 and 14 is 10 + 4). Here are two kindergarteners using ten sticks and one cubes to make teen numbers.

Figuring out partners of a number is another big push in kindergarten. This is also called "decomposing" a number. It's just a way of seeing how a number can be broken down into smaller parts. For example, 5 can be broken down into 4+1, 3+2, and 5+0. Here are some games the kids have been playing to practice the ways to make a number:

We also have time during math for free play in the block area. Kids learn a lot from playing with blocks and other building toys like Lincoln logs. It's a great way to improve spatial-visual skills, as well as practice cooperative play. Check out these creations!

Last, we have begun to explore 3D shapes (also called solid shapes). Kids love to play, build and sort with these shapes. We are starting to define their characteristics and relate them to 2D, or flat, shapes. For example, a cube has six sides, but each side is made up of a square, which has four sides of equal length.

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