Sunday, March 29, 2015

All about weather!

We spent the last part of winter studying all about the weather! We started off by discussing wind, sun, and water, as well as all the different types of weather out there. It was immediately apparent that wind and tornadoes/hurricanes were the most fascinating topic! Below is an experiment we did called What Can the Wind Below? The kids practiced making predictions and testing their hypotheses by blowing on different classroom items.

After a few weeks of reading and learning about weather types, each kindergartener chose a type of weather they wanted to research and write a report on. We got lots of non-fiction books from the library, and also explored Pebble Go and National Geographic online, plus watched a few episodes of Bill Nye and Sid the Science Kid to get more information. Then they started writing their research reports! I was truly impressed with their ability to convey facts in an informational book. Several groups shared their reports with the whole class in a "science meeting," and everyone read their finished books to our first grade reading buddies.

"Sun can make the temperature hot on the earth." 
"It can make ice melt." 
"It can make your face warm."

During our last week on weather, we made collaborative posters showing the features of each season. Then each kindergartener chose their favorite season and painted a water color scene of themselves during that season. Then we shared a sentence "My favorite season is...because..." They did a great job!

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