Sunday, November 3, 2013

Farmer visit in October

I didn't have a chance to post these pictures until now, but a few weeks ago we had a farmer visit in our classroom! We have a play farmers market in the dramatic play area right now, and have been sampling lots of vegetables from Ms. Breuer's garden, my CSA share, and other vegetable sources. I used to teach a healthy/seasonal food program when I lived in Chicago, so I am a big proponent of finding ways for kids to learn more about where their food comes from. Our kindergarteners have all been very open-minded about trying new foods which has been awesome! In order to connect more concretely where food grows, I contacted one of my friends who runs a farm with his partner, about thirty minutes from our school, and he agreed to come!

In the morning, we brainstormed our favorite fruit or vegetables. As you can see, my current favorite vegetable is a beet. The kids each drew their own favorite, and I was excited to see that apple wasn't the only thing mentioned - many chose tomatoes, carrots, or oranges!

Then we made a list of things we know about farmers, and things we want to learn more about. We also listed some questions to ask Farmer Dennis. When he arrived, he started by showing us some pictures from the farm.

Then he passed around some really funky looking vegetables! I think our favorite was the jelly melon.

After answering our many questions, we posed for a picture and then Farmer Dennis headed back to the farm!

Afterward we had Mystery Bag Monday during science, and I used one of the green peppers that Ms. Breuer gave us from her farm. I told the kids it came from Farmer Dennis by mistake! I figure the lesson that it grows on a farm (and not in the grocery store) was passed on either way. :)

After we guessed what could be in the Mystery Bag, a green pepper was revealed, and we did a taste test! There were mixed results, with some really liking it and some not so much...

It tasted crunchy

It tasted bad :)
When the kids get back to school on Monday there will be a pumpkin patch in place of the farmers market in the dramatic play area... But shh it's a surprise!

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