Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer book list for kindergarteners going into first grade!

I've had several parents ask me for a list of books that are "just right" for their kindergartener (who is now almost a first grader!). At our school, we use what are called Fountas and Pinnell reading levels, which are letters from A-Z that indicate how challenging the text is. This is the reading level that can be found on your child's report card from the end of the year.

It's often hard to find books from the library or bookstore that are easy for your kindergartener to read, since most children's literature is written so that adults can read it out loud to little ones. So after much delay, I've finally gotten around to posting several ways to find books for your kiddo that are appropriate for their reading level. Here they are!

1. Go to this teacher's blog and follow her directions on either using Scholastic's Book Wizard, or her awesome Just Right book list.

2. Go to this teacher's site or this one and click on the appropriate leveled book for a long list.

3. Have your child read some of these leveled books on your iPad or computer.

4. As their reading skills increase, challenge them with these higher leveled books.

I hope that helps! And of course, reading out loud to your child will also increase his/her reading skills immensely - and, even more importantly, will deepen their love of reading! Happy summer reading :)

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