Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice skating in the classroom!

Take a look at our new dramatic play area! For the last couple months, we had a post office there, where kids could use play money to purchase envelopes and stamps and send letters to their friends and family. Then, when the kids arrived back at school last week, the post office had magically transformed into a skating rink! (In reality it's just blue painters tape with a sign that says "Take your shoes off and ice skate!" But when you have the imagination of a kindergartener this is almost as good as the real thing. :) )

It didn't take the kindergarteners long to learn the new routine: Ms. Woods or Ms. Breuer picks three people, and these three take off their shoes, press play on the tape player, and dance, twirl, and skate to a Pete Seeger song! Then when they're done they can sip "hot cocoa" with "marshmallows" (aka cotton balls) while they watch the next round of skaters. This activity is great for the kids' gross motor skills, plus their social development (they have to cooperate with two other people in the rink with them, and take turns at the hot cocoa station). And most importantly, it's fun!

Here are some photos of the kids enjoying the skating rink! We have some good little dancers in our class.

Hot cocoa?! No way!


  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This!! You are so creative and it looks like the kids have a BLAST. I love the cooperative nature of this activity. I think kindergarten is THE place to foster good social behaviors and this is a great activity! Thanks for the blog Miss Woods, I LOVE reading it and seeing the GREAT things going on in your classroom! Thank you for all you do for our kids! You are appreciated and loved!

  2. Thanks so much Beth! I can't claim credit for this ice skating idea, it was actually done by the kindergarten teacher in the room before me. But I also agree that it really is a cooperative activity that the kids really benefit from! Thanks for reading and for the comments!

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