Sunday, January 20, 2013

A few great moments: Reading, writing, building, and yoga

We captured a few great moments from Literacy Workstations this week that I had to share.

First off, we have started doing a tiny bit of yoga each day at moments when everyone is stir crazy and needs to stretch or calm their bodies a bit. The kids love it! Last week we challenged ourselves to do "tree" pose, which involves balancing on one leg. I use the book ABC Yoga for Kids, so each pose starts with a different letter. Here at the Big Book workstation, one kindergartener acts as the teacher, pointing to a yoga pose, while the other tries it out!

 Here two readers at the Buddy Reading station wear special glasses to help them read. :)

 We've been learning about penguins this month, so partners can use special penguin paper to write stories about penguins at the Writing Station! Here are two writers working hard.

"The penguin have hot cocoa."
Then, at free choice time, we got new building materials: bendable plastic sticks that join together to make all sorts of creations! Lots of kids worked together to make this very tall building.

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  1. We have kids yoga on DVD if you want to use it, including ABC yoga.. Let me know :) My kids LOVE it! and I LOVE these!!! Thank you!
    Beth Lindsley (Kohlhoff)