Sunday, March 15, 2020

Tapping our maple tree and learning about bees

This last week we had two special guest instructors. First we had visitors from the nature center come to tap our maple tree in the front yard! We learned about features of maple trees and how to identify them, plus did some tree yoga to demonstrate what their branches look like. Then the naturalists taught us about we collect sap from maple trees, showed us the tools they used, and gave us some maple syrup to sample! We had to guess which was syrup from a tree and which was made from other ingredients such as corn sugar. The sap wasn't running that day but when we went back out for Forest Friday it was so the kids got to try it. 

For the past several weeks we've had weekly guests come from our local farm-to-school organization to teach us about nutrition and where our food comes from. This week they brought a beekeeper in who taught us about how he takes care of bees using a smoker and protective gear, as well as how bees take care of each other, pollinate plants, and make honey. We also got to try honey with some local radishes! It wasn't supposed to be combined but some kids put the honey on their radishes and ended up liking it :)

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