Sunday, January 12, 2020

First week back

We had a great first week back from winter break! We wrapped up a few projects that were leftover from before, and celebrated the New Year by making some fireworks. We also welcomed a new student to our class, read a series of folk tales about Anansi the spider, and walked with our Forest Friday buddies to a nearby park. Below are some pictures. Welcome back!

Making family trees

Painting New Years fireworks

Forest Friday walk

Sharing what we did at the park with our buddies

"I played on the swings." - Rosalina
"I dug a pile of rock." - Cooper
"I pushed the merry go round." - Elie
"I rode the merry go round." - Levi
"Taryn and me raced each other." - Curie
"I played on the bike." - Alpha
"I played brownies with Maraskya." - Elena
"I played Star Wars." - Colton
"I was racing on a car." - Malcolm
"I played rocket blastoff." - Tyrus
"I played space adventure with Ty." - Emmett

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