Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fire safety and the Great Lakes Apple Crunch

This week we had two exciting events (as well as Picture Day) - a fire safety presentation from our local fire station, plus Apple Day! Below are pictures from both events.

Thanks to Station 10 for coming to teach us about how to be safe in case of a fire! We watched a video, learned about firefighters in their protective clothing are people to be trusted, and went through an obstacle course to show how to test a door to see if it's hot. A reminder to families to make sure your child knows their address by heart, as well as where to meet you outside in case of a fire. It might also help to show them how to unlock your phone in case they ever need to call 911. I'll send home a resource with more information about this next week.

The Great Lakes Apple Crunch is a state-wide event on October 10 to celebrate local farmers and the food they give us. While we didn't "crunch" our apples, we did use a corer to make a spiral out of them, which was even more exciting!

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