Friday, May 10, 2019

All About Books

Last week we started a new writing unit that the kids are really enjoying so far! We are working on writing All About Books (or Non-Fiction Books) that teach the reader about the topic. They have come up with so many fun things to write about so far. First, we started off by talking about what All About Books are, and then spent some time coming up with things that we are experts on!

Once we knew what we wanted to write about, we learned about how to use a graphic organizer (or a bubble map) to get our ideas down. We needed to come up with three things we knew about our topic, and the bubble maps helped us plan out what we wanted to write.

Now we have started to write our All About Books, have added illustrations, and even learned about creating diagrams to go in our books! It has been so much fun to see what each student comes up with. We have a range of topics - from Harry Potter, to Sonic the Hedgehog, to our families, our pets, and many more! In the next few weeks we will be finishing up our writing, adding captions, editing, and publishing our work!

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