Saturday, April 27, 2019

Farm to school lessons, changing seasons and Earth Day

For the past several weeks we've had weekly guests come from our local farm-to-school organization to teach us about healthy eating, nutrition, gardening, and where our food comes from! So far we have learned about the importance of eating a variety of colors on our plate, the parts of the plant we eat, and what bees do for our food supply! Below are some pictures of our lessons, plus bean seeds we planted and the farmers market we had set up in the room at one of our explore tables.

We've also been learning about signs of spring, as warm weather finally seems here to stay. We did a sort based on signs of each season, and used Qtips to paint what trees look like in each season as well!

Last, we celebrated Earth Day by doing marble paintings of the earth and water color paintings of something the earth has given us. They turned out great!

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