Sunday, March 17, 2019

Science Friday: Investigating chemical changes

We were lucky enough to have another installment of Science Friday this week! This time Ms. Melissa demonstrated how to tell if there has been a chemical change - such as two materials changing into a solid, forming a gas, or changing color. Then the kids got to do a hands-on investigation of a temperature change by making "snow" from shaving cream and baking soda and pouring vinegar on it!! Each student got their own tray to make their own snowballs, and then we came around with pipettes and cups of vinegar for them to add the explosion effect.

This was an incredibly fun experience and I had multiple students tell me "This was the best day of my life!" Sensory learning experiences are so important for early childhood learners (and older kids as well), and one of the best way to learn about scientific concepts is through hands-on investigations - and we were lucky enough to do both on Friday!

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