Sunday, September 16, 2018

Early literacy through studying our names

Kindergarteners are approaching literacy from all different stages when they first begin the year. One of the best and most meaningful ways to introduce them to early literacy concepts (the difference between letters and words, letter identification, understanding that letters make sounds and have meaning when put together with other letters, etc.) is by using names! A name is often the first word that a child knows how to spell and write. This week, we spent lots of time on our names in various ways.

We started a daily tradition called Special Name of the Day, in which one child is selected to be the "special name." As a group, we count and identify the letters in their name, do a cheer with these letters, learn how to write it, interview the special student, and draw a picture of them. This will continue every day until everyone has a chance to be featured.

We also did lots of projects using our names, including making name caterpillars, using letter cubes to spell our names, using glue sticks to cover our name with squares, and practicing handwriting. Below are some pictures. If you have time, ask your child to spell his/her name, and ask them how many letters they have in it!

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