Sunday, January 14, 2018

Winter activities

Winter is here and we've started learning about what happens in winter, as well as doing lots of winter-themed activities and lessons. Here a few from the last couple weeks!

We've been reading lots of non-fiction books about winter, and using those to kick-start our unit on writing non-fiction ("all about") books.

For Forest Friday, we read a book about squirrels in the winter and played a game called "Squirrels" in which one partner was the squirrel hiding nuts in the fall, and the other was a squirrel trying to find them again in the winter! (Instead of nuts, we used pinecones.) The kids had a lot of fun with this game.

We also got to paint pinecones, which was a great fine motor activity! 

We've also learned some new math games lately, including Cover Up (where one person covers three numbers on a number line, and the other person has to guess what number is covered up) and new pattern block creations.

Plus we've tried to play outside as often as possible, before the snow melted and it got really
cold again!

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