Sunday, December 17, 2017

Adventures in math

Math is an important part of the kindergarten curriculum, and we have it for an hour each day, but I realized I had taken very few pictures of what we do on a daily basis. So I'm finally posting some pictures from math time! 

The math block is broken down into four components: a warm-up activity, a whole group lesson, small group work, and individual practice with math games and activities. Below are some pictures of students during the individual practice, which we call math tubs. Students learn various games and activities that build math skills, everything from number sense development to addition and subtraction practice.

A game called Bicycle Race, which involves both number identification and doubles practice (1 plus 1 makes 2, 2 plus 2 makes 4, etc.)

A game called Spill Ten Beans, which gives students practice with decomposition (knowing how to break down a number into smaller parts) and addition

A game called Garbage, which practices number order and identification

Some practice with number writing and fine motor skill development, using Qtips and paint to write the numbers 1-20

The students also meet with Ms. Thompson and/or me in small groups every other day, where we practice solving number stories in our math journals. These story problems are scaffolded so that students who need more of a challenge work with higher numbers and more abstract story problems. We always draw pictures, use labels, and write a number sentence to show our thinking.

Last but not least, I try to put out several math exploration options each month that students can do at choice time or whenever they finish early on other work. Below is one exploring 3D shapes, in which students are asked to build a tower using various 3D shapes, and then record what they made.

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