Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall learning and fun

This month we have been celebrating and learning about all things fall! On Tuesday we had our fall party, which was a lot of fun. We played Pin the Spider on the Web and Harvest Bingo, decorated foam sunflowers, and had some delicious treats. Here are some pictures below!

We also got to spend some time outside "putting the garden to bed." This meant ripping out the plants that won't survive over the winter! We also got to rake leaves and jump into the pile, do some Sink or Float experiments with fall nature items found in the yard, and try out the schoolyard's new stump flow! The stump flow was by far the most popular choice. It combined physical activity, balance, and cooperation, since a lot of kids helped each other cross the tricky parts! Perceived risk is an important part of learning about self-regulation and body awareness, so I'm really excited that this has been added to our schoolyard.

We also visited our Sit Spots for the second time. Sit Spots are quiet spots that students find in the school forest, which we will revisit once a month to observe and document changes. Students have their own Sit Spot away from other people, and use their science journal to draw and label what they see. Then we talk about what changes they notice as the seasons go on. Below are some photos of the students in their Sit Spots last month and this month, plus some of their journal entries.

Lastly, after learning to look closely and observe details like a scientist, we have started some science investigations. This season's big question is "What happens in the fall?" After we brainstormed and read some books on this topic, we started asking some related questions to learn how to collect evidence like scientists do. This week I asked the students "What color can leaves be?" We made a list of colors we thought leaves could be, and then went outside to collect examples and record the results. We then modified our list after finding evidence. It was a great introduction to the concept of asking questions and finding evidence!

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