Sunday, March 6, 2016

Exploring and researching with fifth graders: What is cancer?

We are delving into a tough topic this month, but a very meaningful one. One of our classmates is an amazing cancer survivor, and we are so proud of her! Our school was asked to do a fundraiser for the Make a Wish foundation, and we decided to combine forces with the fifth graders to do some awareness-raising for kids who are fighting cancer in the world today. The fifth graders have paired up with a kindergartener to research childhood cancer. Then they will present to other classes at our school, in order to kick off our Make a Wish fundraiser. It's a heavy topic, but the fifth graders are handling it with extreme sensitivity. Next week we'll start to write books and/or posters to share what we learned. We'll also interview a teacher at our school who is a cancer survivor. This has been an amazing collaboration so far and I look forward to what else the kids learn!

Below are some awesome pictures of kids reading books about cancer and using bubble maps to take notes on what they read about.

And here they are working on their posters, which they'll present to the rest of the school in order to kick off our Make a Wish fundraiser!

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