Wednesday, May 13, 2015

All about chickens

For the past three weeks we have been studying animals as part of our science unit. We were lucky enough to have chick eggs that we got to watch hatch in an incubator. Then we kept them for another week and watched them grow from little newborns to downy baby chicks. I'm sad to say I can't share photos, because for some reason my camera failed to transfer the pictures of the chicks!

We had lots of interactions with the chicks, though, and it was perfect for doing a research report all about chickens. In order to research chickens, we did lots of observations, took notes, read books about chickens, watched videos from Pebble Go and BrainPopJr, and interviewed an expert who raises chickens herself. After doing all this research, the kids made posters to share what they learned by making these adorable chicken posters:

The research process was great practice for our next project, in which the kindergarteners get to pick an endangered animal of their choice, research it, and share what they learned with our first grade buddies! Lots more on that project when they finish it next week.

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