Sunday, December 7, 2014

What does Writer's Workshop look like in kindergarten?

Our kindergarteners have made huge strides in writing this year. Imagine, we went from the beginning of the year, where most of our kids didn't believe they could be authors, to now, when each child is writing dozens of stories!

I took a video last week, so you can see a snapshot of what the Writer's Workshop hour looks like in kindergarten. A few things to notice: kids are writing independently, using their resources to help them spell and brainstorm. A few students are using books, a few using word lists, and a few talking to each other. And all of them are hard at work! (Well, with a few exceptions of kids who are still in the brainstorming stage :)). And then the second video shows one of our writers proudly reading her story! She's doing a great job pointing at the words as she reads them back to me. This is a hard skill for kindergarteners to master, because it requires remembering what they wrote and deciphering their own writing!

Below are some pictures of our class's second set of published books, which were personal narratives (true stories about their lives). They worked on these stories (and other like them) four days a week for a month! That's a lot of writing, and it's amazing to see.

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