Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Thanksgiving fun

Sorry this post is a little bit post-Thanksgiving! Somehow that three day break always flies by. Anyway, here are some of the projects we did in the week leading up to Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Surveys
One of the math standards for our kiddos to meet by the end of kindergarten is an understanding of different ways of portraying data, including bar graphs and tally marks. So we conducted a Thanksgiving survey with the question "Do you like to eat turkey at Thanksgiving?" and then talked about our results! The data showed a resounding "yes" in answer to that question.

Handy Turkeys
What's Thanksgiving in kindergarten without making a hand turkey? Here we got to dip our hands in paint to make a turkey handprint, and then decorate the body however we wanted. Then we took the poem and painting home!

Writing what we're thankful for
After watching a video of one of Ms. Woods' favorite authors, Todd Parr, reading his book The Thankful Book (see the video here), we made our own version of the book describing what we're thankful for! The kindergarteners had to use their best sound-spelling. We are working really hard on not asking grown-ups "How do you spell this word?" Instead, we want kindergarten writers to stretch out the word and write down what sounds they hear. For example, the word "family" can be stretched out to "fff-am-uh-l-eee." Then they should write a letter or two for each sound they hear. We practiced the word "family" as a whole class, and it looked like this: fmle!

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